Dog training is a spiritual calling more than a profession.  It’s a form of plastic art.  It’s how we impact, mold, influence and shape the world around us.  Dog training is the medium thru which we express ourselves.

We are dog trainers.  We do not posses all the answers or solve all the problems.  We draw from 50,000 years of human history and the collective experience we have had with dogs so far.  Nothing we do or say is original or final.  Someone, at some point, has done or said it before.  We draw from that that long old tradition in which past dogs and trainers kindly point out the obvious while letting us newbies feel like we discovered something new all by ourselves.  We do not seek conflict or confrontation.  Not that we avoid it or do not address it things necessitates, but we see very little value in getting on fearful scared dog’s face to prove a verse from the old school of dog dominance.  It is not us.  There are so many folks doing that already that we let that idiocy to them.  Shutting down dog is not that hard to be honest.  It takes no skill just brutality.  Revealing a dog is where the real work is at.  That is the space we work on.

We aim to be fair, humane and effective.  Those are our core principles.  We put principles above methods, tools, processes, efficiency, money and blind worship of dog training personalties.  To us dogs matter.  We do not compromise our principles.  We train dogs differently.

Good dog training does not compel dogs to do our will but convinces them to join our journey in a manner that respects and exalts their character, autonomy and free will.

Yoda Dog uses food, treats, toys, contact and praise to teach and encourage good behavior.  Thru constant repetition and by adding the elements of duration, distraction and distance, we proof understanding and mastery of what we expect.  Our work with dogs is all about putting pressure on them and teaching them how to release it.  Once dogs learn that they control when and how pressure goes away, a whole new world opens up to them.  My job is to make that possible, to teach what we like, to discourage what we do not like and to allow dogs to make choices while holding them accountable.

We do not seek confrontation.  We always focus first on what we can reinforce, on establishing clear communication, on proofing good behaviors and manners thru repetition and rewards.  Establishing a good relationship thru engagement, motivation an reinforcement is what we see work best that by the time we get to address pain points, most of them are non issue.

There a few times though when everything has been tried and a dog’s dangerous behavior keeps surfacing and we are left with few options other than clarifing to the dog that such behaviors have consequences.  Our sense of fairness dictates that we hold dogs accountable for their choices only after we have taught and proofed.  Then, and only then, will we ever hold dogs accountable for poor choices.

We correct dogs.  We do not shy away from that truth and responsibility.  From leash pressure, verbal warning, spatial pressure, physical pressure, or a high level ecollar stimulation, we do not employ corrections lightly.  We always think about our actions and about the dogs in our care.  Is what we are about to do in their best interest?  Is it the best way we can humanely, effectively and efficiently teach a dog not to engage in often dangerous behaviors. Our sense of compassion requires that we measure corrections within the context of the offense.  Correcting a dog for breaking his sit command requires a different level of intensity than say correcting a dog that shows aggression and is a known biter.   A verbal disapproval like “No” would suffice for the former.  For the latter, an uncomfortable high level ecollar correction might be needed to make that dog remove bites from the list of go to behaviors when feeling uncomfortable, unsure or fearful.

This is what we don’t do: We don’t abuse dogs.  We do not punch them, hit them, strangle them, hang them, electrocute them…well you get the point.  

Transparency and honesty are part of our core values at Yoda Dog.  That is why we say and show what we do, how we do it and why we do it.  We even disclose our prices upfront.  We believe in full disclosure and expect the same from you.  We put everything out there so you can decide if we fit your needs and if you share our values.   The very last thing we want is to waste your energy, time and money.

We are not everyone’s cup of tea.  We know that.  Not everyone is our cup of tea.  We know that as well.   But if you are and we are, lets get to work.  We will give it all our best, transform your dog and enhance your life.

 Here is how to contact us

phone: 1-646-583-3438