We are amazed about how simple but profoundly powerful the learning process is. Our training begins by teaching dogs about pressure, how to release it and most importantly, that they are in control. This discovery can take minutes or hours. We are in no rush. Since the dog is doing all the learning, the dog has earned the right to determine the pace.

Teaching a dog how to release pressure is very crucial. It teaches dogs that they are in control and that their choices matter. Overtime, dogs will choose calmness and balance over chaos and pressure.

Training cannot begin until the dog understands pressure and how to release it. Our foundation and relationship depend on it. Leash work should never be sacrificed at the expense of artificial timelines and penny pinching.

Even little dogs can stand to benefit from learning to be calm thru the use of the “Place “command.

Sometimes the process of learning about leash pressure is tedious, time consuming and stressful. Since there is a greater good we are trying to achieve, we will give it our all for however long it takes.

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