quoteI want to thank you for helping us find the right puppy at the shelter.  We appreciate his obedience and manners training.  We couldn’t have asked for anything better.  We are so happy with Bella.  Keep up the good work and I wish you the best with making families and their beloved dogs happy! –Kent M. Bronx, NY

quoteThanks for teaching me how to confidently walk with my dog.  It took a huge burden off his shoulder and now he focuses more on his treats and belly rubs than in running me around like he was in charge. –Patty N. Brooklyn, NY

quoteI brought my 1 year old GSD puppy Thor for his first training session with Erwin and it was literally like a day & night. My baby had gone thru a collection of trainers who just wanted to “fix” his fearful ways in five minutes. Erwin on the other hand literally spent a whole afternoon with him till they had a breakthrough moment and Thor began to follow him on the leash without much fuzz. I immediately signed up. I do not regret it. Erwin gave us more time and effort than what I paid him for. Training Thor was easy. Changing my ways was the real challenge. Erwin show me how to advocate for him, move forward in difficult situations and not put Thor in compromising positions to begin with. Most importantly, I learned to tell Thor “No” without guilt. I highly recommend Yoda Dog. It really feel like I got the better end of the bargain. –Susan B. Paterson, NJ

quoteThank you for working with me on my naughty girl. Thanks to you she now comes when called, walks right next to me off leash and doesn’t bark at strangers. I almost gave up hope but you told we could do it and we did it!
You gave us a new lease on life.
Thank you! –Greta P. Mount Vernon, NY

quoteAlthough my dog was already very obedient, I was experiencing issues with him around other dogs. Thank you for letting me know that my dog was not broken, that I needed to accept his drives and impulses, and help fulfill them in a constructive way. He has already improved a lot and is a happier dog. I am happier person too. In your debt. –Marcia H. Inwood, NY

quoteWorking with Yoda Dog has been an awesome great experience. My little pit bull Roxy was having trouble with basic obedience, jumping on people and barking at other dogs. She is now very obedient, does not jump on people and is learning to ignore other dogs. The amazing thing is that we did it all in 5 private training sessions and without having to crank on her prong collar like this other famous YouTube trainer suggested. I would highly recommend Erwin to any of my friends and family. He is great with dogs as well as people! He even makes house calls. Who can beat that? –Mark C. Riverdale, NY

quoteThank you for helping us with our dog. We had a trainer before you. She was nice with us but I thought a bit to hard and impatient with our boy Charlie. Charlie really did not like the approach. He would do things gruelingly and without much enthusiasm. One day Charlie could not take all that bullying and snap at her. Oh boy…..I thought I would have to put Charlie down. I brought in Erwin from Yoda Dog for a second opinion and after a thorough evaluation and assessment, he told me that my boy was fine, that all we needed to do was not to push to hard, to let Charlie determine the pace of training. After all, Erwin said “He is doing the learning. He has earned the right to determine the pace.” It clicked and I hired him because he understood my dog’s needs. Today Charlie is flawlessly obedient but most of all happy. That is priceless to me, my husband, my kids and most of all to our Charlie. –Maria F. Bronx, NY

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